Villa Vleuten


Designing an interior that fulfils the client’s wishes is often an enticing puzzle. That was certainly the case with this country house in Vleuten, where the obvious solution would have been to keep the living area in the original house. However, this presented a problem of insufficient space. Thankfully, the former barn triggered the required flash of inspiration, and connecting it to the house has almost doubled the living space.
Inspired though it was, the idea was not without consequences. In order to make the most of the combined space, the entire layout had to be redesigned. Whereas the pre-renovation living room, dining room and kitchen used to occupy the original house, post-renovation activity found these functions located in the barn. The possibilities offered by this structure’s open character have been fully realized, and further enhanced by the glass-walled façade that constitutes the building’s northern side.
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If there is space, I have to use it.