Villa Twente

A Touch of Warmth

It was not the large surface area, but a number of diagonally placed walls that were the biggest challenge of this nineties villa in the eastern part of the country. Logic was lacking, so that the interior contained many empty spaces. With a few interventions - all functions could remain in place - they were removed. The two sitting areas in the living area in particular have been given space, although they do feel intimate. They are framed with two rugs, so that they each have their own atmosphere.
The different materials have been used extremely effectively. In the unit that connects both sitting areas, black stained oak, natural stone and leather are used. The oak floor, laid in Hungarian point, contributes to the spaciousness. For the same reason, the cooking area focuses on the garden. Wood, bronze and natural stone provide a counterbalance to hard materials such as concrete and glass. Beton ciré and wood around the pool have a similar feature, so that the entire interior is tailored to the needs of our time.
The embedded seating areas each have their own atmosphere
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The materials have been used extremely effectively