Villa Brabant

Exterior meets interior

The exterior designed by Lenz Architects functioned as a starting point for the interior of this rural villa in Brabant. During the design process, the wishes of the client were explicitly taken into account. The result is a characteristic house that optimally reflects the successful collaboration between all parties involved. Keywords are unity and tranquillity. Within this, the materials create tension. Different types of wood and stone have been used to indicate the functions. Both inside and outside, architectural elements interlock so that the design modestly blends in with its surroundings.
A prominent place in the interior is reserved for the white steel staircase, which seems to function as a hinge in a modest nod of the villa. It is a sculptural element that is worth seeing. Around the staircase a transparent portal has been created with wooden slats, through which the staircase is visible from different angles. The steps are covered with leather, which contributes to the warm appearance of this eye-catcher. At the front of the villa, the staircase forms a beautiful interplay of lines with the concrete elements that lead to the entrance.
This villa reflects the successful cooperation between all parties involved
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