Spacious property by the water


Luxurious materials and detailed finishes. That is what the owners of this spacious house in Lelystad were looking for. Not surprisingly, they came to Remy for the villa's redesign. As usual, he asked himself how he could upgrade the space in the best possible way. The answer? Customisation. The final result clearly shows how the designer's language was combined with the client's wishes. Divergent materials such as natural stone, leather and wood form a decor that combines luxury and functionality. A striking feature in the living room is the partition, which is a playful element in the room due to its natural appearance. The use of concrete ciré literally adds lustre to the interior. In the cooking area, it is the oak frame in particular that catches the eye. It creates a natural look, but also forms an imaginary space in the transparent interior.
Divergent materials form a decor that combines luxury and functionality
The entrance offers a preview of things to come
The spacious and surprisingly bright entrance offers a preview of things to come. The natural look of the oak door and wall, which incorporate various functions, contrasts with the natural stone floor, which has a tough character. The leather-covered stairs, on the other hand, are somewhat sober for the right balance. Thanks to the pivot doors, there is an executive relationship between the entrance and the living area. On the first floor, the rich detailing is visible in the wardrobe room, where wood is used not only on the walls, but also on the floor and ceiling. The back walls of the wardrobes are lined with leather, adding to the comfort.