Penthouse on the canal


The standard approach to imbuing an interior with character is to reach for different coloured cans of paint. But there’s nothing standard about this apartment on the top floor of a nineteenth-century canal house. The dominant colour here is grey-stained oak, creating an understated backdrop for an impressive array of materials, the combination producing an exciting state of equilibrium.
Different materials bring tension to the interior.
These materials are central to the captivating allure of this luxury penthouse. For example, five types of natural stone have been called into service – in addition to other materials such as oak, waxed concrete and clay-based stucco – each with its own distinct character, each contributing something unique to the ambience of the various spaces, and each deployed to best effect. The outcome was far from inevitable. This is clearly evident in the master bedroom, where the white wall unit linking the various functions of the space makes a striking impression.
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Five types of natural stone contribute to the luxurious atmosphere.