Manor by the river


The one-hundred-year-old manor, the orangery the coach house and the surrounding estate restored to their former glory – that was ‘all’ the young owners of this country manor wanted. The task was made even more diffucult by the fact that the house itself had been used as office premises up until recently, meaning that the interior layout of the property needed to be completely redesigned. Once all traces of the former offices had been removed, just the four exterior walls remained.
Then, with the help of a restoration architect, the exterior was refurbished, the roof was completely replaced and the conservatories were reconstructed. The original interior layout was used as the basis for the new floorplan design. Characteristic features include the wide central corridor on the various levels. Marble floors and ornamental ceilings echo the house’s rich history as do the original panel doors.
New technologies demand a new approach to design.
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Thanks to the use of sustainable materials a house can last for many years to come.