Headquarters Tronios Almelo


Whether it's a house or an office, Remy's starting point is always the same. In both cases, the interior has to suit the users. It has to be functional, but it may also have a warm appearance that reflects Remy's signature. This was also the explicit wish of the client, for whom Remy had already designed a residential space. For the head office of Tronios in Almelo, Remy's starting point was that the interior should reflect the sector in which Tronios operates. This called for the necessary allure, as Tronios is a major player in the lighting and sound sector. The company supplies professional systems in more than 40 countries and on several continents. The new 3500 m2 head office, which is part of the new distribution centre in Almelo, is also the company's flagship.
The open space reflects the transparent character of the company
Naturally, several users with different tasks are active in the offices. The interior has been designed with this in mind. A striking feature is the open space, which reflects the transparent character of the company. With glass and slatted walls, but also with carpets, different zones have been created, each with its own function and appearance. The workplaces have a somewhat business-like appearance, while the consultation rooms and the other living areas are more informal. The cast floors and the open ceiling contribute to a somewhat sturdy atmosphere. The furniture designed by Remy, the wooden elements and the characteristic, but functional light fittings counterbalance this. The management wing has a more luxurious appearance, partly due to the use of dark wood, art and a herringbone floor.
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The cast floors and the open ceiling contribute to a sturdy atmosphere