Garage Rotterdam

Industrial art

In Garage Rotterdam, both contemporary and past architecture are important. The building, built at the end of the forties, originally served as a Volkswagen garage. Thanks to a number of special interventions, it has been transformed into an exciting, but above all functional exhibition space. Therefor, influences from the fifties served as a source of inspiration. This is reflected, for example, in the use of materials. On the stairs, small tiles and terrazzo are used, part of the walls are covered with mahogany wood and tables and counters are equipped with corten steel.
The applied furniture also originates from the same period in which the building was built. To emphasize the industrial character, the concrete structure has been exposed. Of course, the interior is attuned to the current function. The walls throughout the entire are are tautly finished, so that the works of art can come to their full advantage.
Architectural interventions are not pushy but serve as a carrier of the art.
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