Simplicity. Perhaps there is no other word that better describes the work of interior architect Remy Meijers. The various elements in his interiors are so perfectly placed that it seems as if natural laws have been followed, and that it could not have been otherwise. But behind the apparent simplicity of Meijers' design is so much more hidden: a coherent and comprehensive vision that has been praised for over more than twenty years. Meijers' oeuvre includes not only interiors, but also architecture, accessories and furniture. In Meijers' philosophy, these are not individual elements, but complementary parts of an intelligent whole.


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The architecture, the environment, the available space and the wishes of the client: these serve as a starting point for every project. They literally form the basis for an intensive process that ultimately leads to balanced interiors in which all elements fall into place. All these elements, from structural interventions to subtle accessories, serve the great whole so that they reflect the vision of Remy Meijers. Logic and calm go hand in hand, characteristics that he is able to achieve by often applying products in his interiors that he designed himself. The use of his own designs enables him to add even more depth to his interior projects, literally to bend over every millimetre. No matter how big a project is, even over the duvet seam, he has let his light shine.