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Mansion between water and city

The Best Dutch Interior Design 02

The first edition of The Best Dutch Interior Design is completely sold out. Reason for a follow-up. Mid-September, The Best Dutch Interior Design 02 will be released. It contains another collection of the best interior design from the Netherlands and a great deal of attention for Remy’s work. The book can already be ordered on the site of Each copy is numbered.
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Shop-in-shop Remy Meijers Collection opened

The official opening is still pending until September, but now everyone can visit it: Blaricum Interior Experience - BlinX for short - on the Dorpstraat in Blaricum. In this special interior design shop, the complete Remy Meijers Collection will be on display for the first time. 
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Steel Doors 2.0. This is the name of a collection of steel doors that Remy developed together with De Rooy Metaaldesign. The collaboration is not a coincidence. In previous projects, Remy already used doors from the family business. With Steel Doors 2.0, both parties are breaking new ground.What that exactly means is still a secret. ‘I want to make a sequel to what is already there', Remy explains.
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Albertplein is the beating heart of Knokke, the Belgian coastal town where nature and culture meet. Just a few steps away, an interior designed by Remy will appear in one of the fashionable apartment complexes. During the design, he explicitly considered the location of the building. Not only the view, but also the amount of light is important. An eye-catcher in the interior is the bar and dining table, which are placed in the space like a sculptural work.
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New project: major job in Wassenaar

A beacon of modernity in a village of cane-roofed houses. With these revealing words, three years ago, daily newspaper NRC described a villa designed by architect Henk Wegerif (1988-1963) in Wassenaar from 1925. The current state may be bad, the contours of the house still show the grandeur of the past. This will reappear in the years to come, partly thanks to Remy's involvement. Recently he presented the first sketches to the owners of thebuilding. 
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Discover Historical villa Amersfoort

Now for sale: Simply Elegant

Simplicity. Perhaps there is no other word that better describes the work of interior architect Remy Meijers. The various elements in his interiors are so perfectly placed that it seems as if natural laws have been followed, and that it could not have been otherwise. His philosophy is reflected clearly in his new book Simply Elegant. It is now for sale for 59,50 €.
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The quest for perfect balance

In the work of interior designer Remy Meijers (1974), all elements are perfectly in place. His interiors are therefore almost self-evident. As if they have always been like this. But there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. Behind the apparent simplicity of his interior designs lies a coherent and comprehensive vision honed continuously over two decades. Meijers’ oeuvre includes not only interiors, but also architecture, accessories and furniture. According to Meijers’ philosophy, these are not separate elements, but rather complementary parts of an intelligible whole.
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