Mansion in The Hague

herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers30

The French owners of this house on the outskirts of The Hague enjoy a light surrounding. For the renovation of this more than hundred year old building that was the starting point. The original layout, the characteristic living room and the original ornaments have been maintained. On the ground floor the separation between living room and kitchen is demolished allowing daylight to penetrate deep into the house. The white walls contribute to the light, spatial character of the mansion. In this sober, open interior wooden elements act as modest highlights.

herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers03herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers06herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers01herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers12herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers09herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers31

“Thanks to the open space light reaches deep into the house”

herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers22herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers24herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers28herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers13herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers34

“Sober and authentic fit together perfectly”

herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers36herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers37herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers38herenhuis Den Haag © Remy Meijers40